Monday, April 3, 2017

28th March - 3rd April 2017


The closer I get to Indonesia the further away it seems. It's like I'm chasing something but I'm on a treadmill but it's right there! I had some rough times at the beginning of these two weeks because of how long it's felt but with prayer and positivity I have endured. Well only one week left now and it has felt pretty fast to be honest looking back it just felt LIKE FOREVER during those days. The saying 'long days, short weeks' has never felt more true to me. 
I am not looking forward to my 30 hour flight though... any suggestions to occupy my time? I will really miss my trainer and I'm so excited to meet up with my MTC companions again! I have a small list of missionaries to go and talk to on behalf of some people who know them from America. I'm losing my Australian accent! Nobody I speak to can tell anymore that I'm not from America so I might try and fix that when I go to Indonesia and I'm not surrounded by only American people all the time. This week we got a total of $120 from strangers in cars pulling over and handing us money, most of them were returned missionaries.
Conference was amazing!!! We were taking an investigator to the Saturday pm session who is CRAZY but he cancelled on us because he believes the church is evil so we knocked frantically on all our Investigators doors and on the last door we had a lady who on no notice came with us immediately for the 3 hours it took. What a miracle. Elder holland was my favourite talk and in the priesthood session Elder Bednar shocked me! He talked specifically about how when visa waiters were reassigned (like I was) it is done with the some process of the initial assignment and that we should notice we are called to the work and not to a place. I got an email from president Spendlove saying I could go with my companions to a live endowment session in the salt lake temple! Missionaries here do this once every 4 months or so and I was going to miss out on that but now I get to! Woohoo!

Love Elder Liam Winfield.

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