Monday, March 27, 2017

21st - 27th March 2017

Hey everyone,

So don't freak out but.... MY VISA ARRIVED WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO. OK so I found this out because one of the sisters who visa waited before told me to call the mission office and check on the visa progress. So I called them on Wednesday and I found out that it arrived, they are working out the flight plans, they are 99% sure to have me out on April 10th and as of April 16th I would be illegal so DEFINITELY before the 16th. I'm just so relieved to have a date I will be leaving. The day I found out it was raining and stormy and we had nothing to do so I was a little down so now I'm just excited and ready. Now I am already starting to miss this place. I will miss the members, my companions, the warm showers (I will be having cold bucket showers in Indonesia) and my zone (group of about 25 missionaries serving in nearby areas).
We got to teach a lesson in temple square a few days ago and there was just such a strong spirit there. Our investigator was a little stubborn in his doubts but the sister missionaries helped us out and it just helped me to feel like I was finally fulfilling my purpose as a missionary getting to teach. So I also tried my best to get some American culture into me through trying all the restaurants here. So I have been to zupas  (sandwich soup and salad place), litzas pizzas, Caffè Rio (authentic Mexican food), highers, Tony burgers (place where members pay for missionaries), noodles and company, Chuckarama (all you can eat dessert included), Baskin Robins (awesome ice cream place superior to cold rock with 31 flavours) and taco bell (fast food tacos). Sometimes members took us places and other times our friendly neighborhood taxi missionaries elder Andrew and Weymouth took us out. Some of these restaurants are specific to Utah though. I loved them all and think they would do great in Australia! Time is certainly speeding up... 4 weeks in the field already? Elder Raharjo has been telling me all about serving in Indonesia, the people, the p day activities, the missionaries there, the mission president, the food, the slang and all so I'm super excited!
On a random side note, for those who know this movie I watched Johnny lingo (I finally understand dad! Johnny lingo had a cow...), for those who don't know it never mind ahah.
I got the chance to speak on faith in missionary work in one of the wards for a sacrament meeting where I met elder Pearson, an area 70 who spoke a lot at my first EFY many years ago. He thanked us greatly for our service and testimonies and I just took something from what he said in the sacrament meeting to the congregation: even if you're hanging on by just your fingernails (which I feel like I am) you are enough. It was actually his ward but he's away often so he always speaks when he is there. I'm blessed to have heard from him.
I have to thank all you guys who read my emails and support me, you have helped me so much and have played a big part in shaping me to be the missionary I am now. I love you all and know that God loves you and always has his arms open lovingly ALWAYS! Next time you hear from me I will have been to general conference so I will have some insight there.

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