Monday, March 13, 2017

7th March - 13th March 2017

I apologize for freaking everyone out last week, it was just a hard time for me, but I am way better this week! 

So I have finally adjusted to the schedule and the missionary life style. Just a few hours ago I finally got my Samsung tablet so now I can get to the gospel library, read my emails through the week (but not respond on any other day than p day) and take photos. 

I finally found some really great friends elder Weymouth and elder Andrew. So these guys are basically our go to taxi guys for places we can't walk to because we have no car. These two elders are great!! Elder Andrew loves magic the gathering so I've talked a lot with him about that! Elder Weymouth is just friendly as well as really funny. These guys are just great friends and I love having them in my zone. I have been relying heavily on prayer this week and my prayers have become so much longer and more meaningful. I have truly felt the love and support from all the people praying for me and supporting me. 

I feel love so much easier now that I have adjusted to life here. I love the generous members who have given us rides, fed us dinner literally every night as well as lunch sometimes. We went to this local place called Tony burgers where a stranger walked up to us and gave us $40 out of nowhere so that paid for all 5 of us which was just amazing and apparently common out here. We go every Thursday with a group of 5 to 15 missionaries to eat at the lion house which is an all you can eat fancy church place with a cool pianist guy there playing background music.

The work out here is still pretty dry but I can tell we are still making a difference here in the lives of those we meet. The other day we helped this elderly couple whose niece recently reconnected with her drug addiction husband in Nebraska, she just left her apartment out of nowhere, quit her job and went. We comforted the grandparents and they said we helped them know what to say to their niece. I am really loving my companion, elder Workman is a deep thinker like me so we have lots of conversations about life. I am of course still hoping my visa will arrive son, still no news on that but I am feeling just so much better here. I have gotten to play the piano from time to time. I have been meeting people and talking to them about careers and I have began considering orchestral music composition for a career when I get back but I still need to do a lot of research, just thinking here.
I have lots of stories to tell and lots of growth that I have had and am yet to have, again I'm so thankful for all the support I have, elder Workman  has  family and friends all against him being here so I'm very lucky. I will be emailing more around  this time from here on because I have the tablet. Again I will be reading the emails through this week.

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