Tuesday, February 28, 2017

22nd -28th February 2017

So I'm not in Salt lake yet but it is P day today so I still get to email, I leave to salt lake in 5 and a half hours so plenty of time! I am really excited about finally getting into the field! I have heard a little about missionary work here..... I GET AN IPAD!! And there are even some stores (in Salt lake only, no where else in the world) where missionaries eat free! I just really want to meet my trainer and get started. I had lots of big goodbyes for everyone, getting their emails and I found out there is a zone tradition of giving the departing missionaries a blessing, so I got to choose the people giving the blessing. I chose everyone in my district (elders Gno, Johnson, Nordwald and Al-Rudhan) and my favorite two Mongolians elder Lambert and elder Coleman. I had elder Lambert voice the blessing and it was great! I feel ready. Yesterday I had a class with my teacher and because my two companions left for their mission early in the morning, I was the only class member. So basically it turned into a 3 hour question and answer session about missionary work and Indonesia itself. I will miss my teacher brother Rawle a lot, he really cares about his students and he just teaches with so much passion. I will get to skype him weekly though while I'm in the field so it will be OK. My zone has become like my family and it's so sad to have to leave them, but I will keep in touch with them though. Not too much new aside from getting ready to leave and I'm not too sure if I'll get to email again when I get there but I will arrive in Salt lake at 3:50pm american time. I'm grateful for my opportunity to serve and although I am very unsure of what lies ahead, I have complete faith that I will be in God's hands and that as long as it's His will he will provide a way.

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